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Listed as: Theatre Company

tomasin [at]


Mivart Studios, Epstein Buildings
South West
puppetry, visual theatre, workshops

Soap Soup Theatre are committed to making high quality theatre that fuses puppetry, performance, and contemporary music. 

 Our style is born out of a love of the more surreal side of life, inspired by  Jan Svankmajer, and Faulty Optic. However, a strong sense of storytelling and the importance of narrative is retained in our shows to compliment our playful and unique performance style. Accomplished story telling companies such as Theatre Alibi, and Kneehigh, and in the puppetry world, Stuff and Nonsense, have also been a huge influence on our work. Music has always been central to our storytelling technique, over and above spoken word, which we like to keep to a minimum.  


We are the refreshing antidote to the commercial, the soulless, and the downright predictable. Above everything, the work is personal, and accessible. Venues we have performed in include the Bristol Old Vic (as part of Mayfest), The Bath Ustinov, the International Bath Puppetry Festival, The Nuffield (Southampton), The Exeter Bikeshed, The Brewery (As part of The Bristol Puppetry Festival), Salisbury Arts Centre, The Bolton Octagon.

We also run puppetry and puppet making workshops and courses for all ages.

Key Projects

The Snow Baby

Wrapped up in a snowy smother, Grandnonny Des and her Bear man fall in love. But that is just the beginning of the story. When the storm comes and Des's Bear man disappears, how will she cope alone on a hill plagued with nothing but bad weather and a cloud of hungry crows for company? This is a love story. This is story of castles in the air, of weathering the storm, and dreams coming true in the most unexpected ways. Beautiful tabletop puppetry, imaginative storytelling and funny bits! Be swept away by Soap Soup Theatre’s first solo show, performed and devised by Tomasin Cuthbert. Suitable for ages 2 and up Suitable for deaf audiences

Little Red Riding Hood

‘Grandma! There’s a wolf… in your lounge!’ – Marvin Soap Soup re-invent the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood for a new generation. Meet Ethel and Sam as they get ready for bed, with a not so sweet bedtime story of a girl with attitude, a wolf with an appetite and a larger than life woodcutter with an axe and a very real fear of wolves. Join Red as she crosses eiderdown meadows and picks her way through the mug tree forest to Grandma’s house. Little Red Riding Hood combines the magical appeal of puppetry, and cutting edge, original music with our signature, darkly humorous and visually stunning style. Drawing inspiration from childhood favourites such as ‘The Clangers’, films like Jim Henson’s, ‘Labyrinth’ and bewitching puppetry companies, ‘Faulty Optic’ and ‘Stuff and Nonsense’. Running Time: Approx. 55 minutes For a family audience. Age 3 and up ‘I’m definitely not scared of Ladybirds Marvin, or anything else for that matter. I’m not even scared of… of the big, bad wolf.’ – Little Red

Sir Gregory's Hutch

Douglas has writers block. His ideas seem anchored to the mysterious image of a rabbit, from which he can't escape. Yearning for some kind of transformation in his life, Douglas is unsure whether his words or the rabbit hold the key. Soap Soup Theatre successfully fuses puppetry, music and live performance to create their new, highly original production of Sir Gregory's Hutch.

Key Personnel

Adam Fuller
Performer, Devisor, Writer
Ben Hensor
Nikki Warwick