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Alma Tavern and Theatre

  • Alma-out-sun_gallery
Alma Vale Road
South West
Box Office Phone:
Website - http://:
Space type:
Pub theatre
Seating Capacity:
This space is suitable for:
  • Performance
Building opening hours.:
The premisis are open from 11am - 11.30pm, with theatre access allowed from 10am.
Licenses Held.:
Our licences include the showing of plays, live music, recorded entertainment and the sale of alcohol.


Alma Theatre is always on the look out for exciting production companies to include in their varied programme. We believe that in order to have amazing theatre every week we need fresh blood, as well as the tried and tested talents. The Alma Tavern and Theatre are excited to announce that we have now taken our theatre bookings in-house and are on the scout for exciting new production companies to share our stage. We hope that those who come forward can bring a selection of classic pieces, some modern greats and a smattering of brand new, original works as well. So, if you are just starting out, or have been walking the boards for a while and just haven’t managed to get back to the Alma, we would love to hear from you, or pop by to have a look at the space. Contact Holly Newton at or 0117 973 5171

Details of Programme (if any)::
We produce a brochure for every season, and programme our shows up to 5 months in advance. All of the upcomings shows' information can also be found on our website.
Access Details:
Unfortunately due to tight staircases on both entrances to the theatre there is limited accessibility.
Floor Details:
It has a fully black floor as well as walls. Not hugely suitable for dance.
Limited parking is available on the street outside, however additional parking can be found in nearby roads.


Booking Information

Costs & Terms of Hire.:
We offer two options regarding cost and terms of hire, one is a flat fee payment with 100% door takings, or a 50/50 box office split.
Contact Name:
Holly Newton
Email Address:
Telephone Number:
0117 973 5171

Technical Information

Power & Lighting Details:
2 x Strand Nocturne Floods 4 x Strand Patt123 Fresnels 2 x Strand Quartet Pebble Convex 2 x ETC Source 4 PAR 2 x ETC Source 4 JR 25/50deg zoom profile 1 x Strand Quartet 22/40deg Profile
Floor Details:
It has a fully black floor as well as walls. Not hugely suitable for dance.
What Sound Equipment is Available?:
A cd player, mini disk player, 2 channel amp and sound desk are all available through 13A plug sockets. The is no house computer or IPod however.
Rigging Information::
Three scaffold bars are rigged upstage to downstage to allow rigging flexibility as well as two side booms are also installed in the down stage corners.
Blackout Details::
Complete theatre blackout can be obtained - with the exception of emergency exit lights.