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Stand + Stare Collective

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Listed as: Theatre Company

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31 College Green
South West
immersive, interactive, standandstare, installation, the parlour

Stand + Stare create immersive theatre in which their audiences play an active part. They achieve this by imposing a role within the narrative for them, such as passengers on a ship (SS Arcadia), or by prescribing levels of interaction in order to move a story forwards (The Children of Modernity).

They have an eye for design, a taste for technology and a commitment to writing and devising new stories. Founder members, Barney and Lucy Heywood are brother and sister and often draw influences from shared memories and family history.

They enjoy collaborating with a broad spectrum of artists from different disciplines to create large-scale site-specific shows, small intimate pieces and commercial commissions.

The company has shows that are available for bookings and also create bespoke work for launches, parties, events and exhibitions for shops, businesses and private functions.


Key Projects

The Children of Modernity

It’s the early 1970′s on a commune called The Children of Modernity. Rossie has gone missing. Through a series of interactions and explorations, we invite our audiences to find out what happened to her. It last approx. 25 mins and accommodates up to eight audience members at a time who sit inside Rossie’s bell tent, where they uncover and experience her story via various means including projection, audio and physical interaction with objects.


You meet a shady character in a bar. He makes wild claims, tells you an outlandish story and leaves you with a choice. Do you take a risk and accept his gift? Or do you walk away and pass up the potential opportunity of a lifetime? Itís up to you. 198 is an immersive experience for 1 or 2 people, is approx. 8 minutes long and involves interaction with a range of objects as the story unfolds.

SS Arcadia

SS Arcadia was an immersive, site-specific show created by approximately 25 performers and 10 visual artists in a disused building in central Bristol. It ran for a week as part of Mayfest ( ending on Saturday 22nd May. Audience members became passengers on the ocean liner, SS Arcadia, and were free to explore the ship with its eclectic mix of characters, scenes, films and installations. The central story charted the downfall of Captain Peter Mcknight, who through striving to achieve his position of ultimate authority, had sacrificed his relationship with Ashley, his son.

Hobbs Golden Toast

To mark the opening of their new Cheltenham shop, Toast, with Hobbs House Bakery, will present a most extraordinary discovery. After countless trials and failed attempts, they have achieved the impossible and created gold out of toast. The great and the good will gather for this auspicious occasion to witness the unveiling of the Golden Behemoth. Hobbs House, the family bakers-cum-amateur scientists, will impart their claims and illustrate their findings via a small exhibition. This charts their journey from humble bakery to their search for Eldorado and back to Cheltenham to demonstrate the truth behind the mystery of alchem

Key Personnel

Barney Heywood
Artistic Director + Co-founder
Lucy Heywood
Artistic Director + Co-founder