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SynaesTheatre -Deborah Ward

Deborah - SynaesTheatre founder and director: graduated from London International School of Performance Art, LISPA, in 2011. She has worked as an actress, storyteller, assistant director, casting director, and assistant producer.

She has performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Theatre Des Carmes - Avignon, Keochang International Festival of Theatre - Korea, The Cube - Bristol & Hamilton House - Bristol. She has directed shows at the Space theatre - London, The Warren - Brighton Fringe. She has assistant produced shows with Ed Littlewood and with CoResist for Theatre Sans Frontieres, The Heroine Project, TheWhatWorks, Publik Transport & Sarah Corbett.

SynaesTheatre deliver regular performance workshops in Bristol at Hamilton House, in Storytelling and Clown, in collaboration with Coexist and CoResist.

SynaesTheatre's Deborah Ward, also works with independant artists on creative development, such as Emily Trott, China Bluefish and Naomi Smyth.

You will find more information about these things in the tabs on ShowsWorkshops, Producing, Creative Consultation.



Forthcoming Classes

Storytelling The Underworld Facilited by Deborah - CoResist 15 Nov 17 Dec

Venue: Hamilton House
Full Price: £150.00
Concession Price: £120.00

Il_570xn Storytellng The Underworld A Six Session Course: Inviting you to work on storytelling techniques, to look at mythologies of the underworld, and to reflect on your...

Key Projects

Rehearsal for Raven

at the Space Theatre, London

We Are Bronte, at Ed Fringe 2016 - Assistant Producing

SynaesTheatre assist other companies to produce their work - Currently working with Public Transport and Sarah Corbett on We Are Bronte at Summer Hall Edinburgh.

Key Personnel

Deborah Ward
Performer, Director, Producer, Facilitator

Organisation Info

  • Turnover: 10,000
  • Employees: 10
  • Year Established: 2013