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The Actors' Workshop

The Actors’ Workshop is a unique centre of excellence, providing exceptional training and opportunities for young performers, and professional development for actors. From our base at Factory 8 in Bedminster, Bristol, our team of experienced industry professionals inspires students to raise their game and succeed in an ever-changing media environment. Whether you are auditioning for drama school through our incredibly successful College Foundation Course, topping up your training via our Saturday Masterclasses, just starting out with our selective Teenage Groups or upping your game at one of our dancing, singing, Pilates or stress management sessions, The Actors’ Workshop will inspire you and provide the skills you need to up your game and further your career. Based on our phenomenal hit rate for places on BA/MA courses at UK drama schools, we consider ourselves to be at the cutting edge of part-time performing arts training. The Actors’ Workshop’s unique and targeted programmes provide training for the industry by the industry: our teachers are all working professionals with performing and directing careers of their own. (Despite this, our extremely cost-effective classes are based around a rate of just £7 per hour.) The entertainment industry is highly competitive: success depends on ability and excellence. Raw talent is nothing without an appropriate skill set. We are always on hand to provide careers advice and guidance, and to help students emotionally through the challenges of audition season. Small classes and individual mentoring are the cornerstones of our work: we work closely with each student to unlock potential and exceed expectations. Courses at The Actors' Workshop are based around key skills needed for theatre, TV and film work. As working actors ourselves, we are constantly enhancing our own skills, and therefore yours. Between us, we have a wide range of specialism, spanning everything from Shakespeare to stage combat, screen acting to musical theatre and dancing. We offer advanced and specialised vocal training, text work and audition practice. Our focus emphasises the need to understand character and motivation: to 'tell the story' in an ever-changing media environment. Many of our young actors are already working in the business; others are moving on to train at top drama colleges. Our dedicated College Foundation Course prepares candidates for the enormous demands of drama school entry auditions. In an environment where it is easier to get into Oxbridge than into a UK drama school, our annual success rate (currently around 70%) speaks for itself. Members of The Actors' Workshop are signed with a variety of top London agents. The Actors' Workshop is affiliated with two vibrant and dynamic London agents: Susan Roberts of SRA and Paul Byram Associates. We work very closely with these agencies to get the very best opportunities for our students. Entry to The Actors' Workshop is by audition for our Sunday Teenage Groups and by interview for the College Foundation Course. All other classes and workshops are ‘open entry.’ Please click the links to to find out more about each course. The Actors' Workshop holds annual showcases at major Bristol Theatres to promote our students in a wider forum. We also set up studio shows and film project screenings on a regular basis.

Forthcoming Classes

College Foundation Course The Actors Workshop 06 Sep 15 Jun

Venue: Factory 8 First Floor
Full Price: 2000 per year (10 monthly instalments)

Getting into Drama School has never been so toughWith the rise in uni fees, and the availability of student loans for most of the drama schools, more and more students are compe...


Venue: Factory 8, First Floor
Full Price: £140.00

Jake_as_john_barrowman_thumb We are often asked about singing lessons for actors who would love to work on their voices but cannot afford private lessons. Moreover, in an unregulated industry, it can be har...

Teenage Groups The Actors' Workshop 10 Sep 01 Jul

Venue: Factory 8 First Floor
Full Price: 200 per twelve week term

13578616_10210107139500776_2035988644_n_thumb Our Senior Groups provide young performers who have the drive and determination to learn their craft with unparalleled professional training. Taking the drama colleges as our mo...


Venue: Factory 8, First Floor
Full Price: see website - varies!

Twiddle_1_thumb Following the success of Jen's adult jazz nad ballet classes at The Island last year, we have brought them in house and added new classes. We are also delighted to welco...

Pilates for Performers The Actors Workshop 12 Sep 05 Dec

Venue: Factory 8, First Floor
Full Price: 10/class, £110 term
Concession Price: 7/class, £72 term.

Hero_fw_practice_3_hr_thumb The Actors' Workshop is delighted to welcome Sue Gilbert to teach Pilates for Performers. Sue has taught Pilates at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for 16 years and is an absolut...

Stress Management for Performers The Actors' Workshop 12 Sep 05 Dec

Venue: Factory 8, First Floor
Full Price: 85 for 12 weeks

Balance-equilibrium-vacation-travel-meditate-medit-4494_thumb Performing artists face unique and significant stresses in the course of their training/work – compounding the challenges life throws up anyway and leading in many cases t...

Professional Masterclasses for Actors and Teachers 16 Sep 09 Dec

Venue: Factory 8, First Floor
Full Price: £70.00

Masterclass_1_thumb Actors - keep your skills current between jobs. Teachers - bring new skills into your classrooms The Actors' Workshop, a nationally recognised centre of excellence, offers cut...



IMPROVISATION AND COMEDY - with John Nicholson from Peepolycus Theatre: September 30th - How To Surprise Yourself This workshop is designed to e...


Improvisation and Comedy Masterclsses with John Nicholson

UPCOMING MASTERCLASS: IMPROVISATION AND COMEDY- with John Nicholson from Peepolycus Theatre:   September 30th - How To Surprise Yourself Th...


The workshops will cover:• Roles of crew members on set.• Stages of production and what happens in each area.• Different pieces of f...


Work with award-winning playwright and director Matt Grinter to bring your work to life!  These workshops are for professional actors, drama ...


An intensive two days of physical play!  Commedia dell’Arte provides a core training for actors working with physical theatre, comedy a...