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The Fringe Files

The Fringe Files are a multi-award winning theatre touring company based in the vibrant city of Bristol. Each year, we pull together a team of creatives and present a brand new stage play at a major arts event, such as a fringe or drama festival. Formed in 2010 by British playwright Michael Starr, The Fringe Files are considered to be one of the leading theatrical companies in the West of England.

For more info on our company, including a complete listing of venues, events, productions, please visit our history page.

Key Projects

The Curse of Miss Fortune (2011)

Traditional British 70’s satire meets Classic 50’s transatlantic noir, with a dollop of 80’s B-movie magic. Introducing The Curse of Miss Fortune, a minimalistic cross-genre satire comedy featuring a gullible couple, a sex-mad boss, a seductive femme fatale, an angry landlord, a flirty secretary and a cursed pig?!

The Cook Did It! (2012)

The once thriving Old Barn Country Hotel plays host to an unwanted spate of sinister murders. Jenkins undertakes the task of identifying the killer, however, it seems everybody has something to hide, except the cook, who’s really nice.

Underline (2013)

A tale of three commuters roving an underground train carriage. A fable of three strangers, adhering to a series of events, leading to an encounter. One reality for three passengers, sharing an aligned journey, where not all is as it seems.

A Tail of Forklure (2014)

Bygone friends Danny, Colin and Jack arrive at a private house party having been summoned by mutual pal Gus, but this is no ordinary party. Gus has a master plan, a plan fueled by an overwhelming desire for greatness.

Samantha (2015)

Samantha is a three character piece exploring Munchhausen by proxy, focusing specifically on the struggles of a mother and her young daughter.

Planet of the Zers (2016)

Four star fleet crew members beam down to an extinct planet for a standard away mission, but what happens when they lose contact with their mother ship? A mission of discovery becomes a battle to survive. Join us for this wacky Star Trek parody.

Key Personnel

Michael Starr
Artistic Director
Rhian Brimble
Ian Tapner
Props Master