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The Original Spinners

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Listed as: Education/Training, Theatre Company, Dance Company

theoriginalspinners [at]

Hamilton House, Stokes Croft
South West
play, dance, clown, event, bristol

The Original Spinners are a clown, dance and improvisation Company. We create wonderful shared experience through high-quality performance, including short surprise happenings and participatory performance for all kinds of places and spaces. We combine clowning, dance, music, puppetry and storytelling to create, honest, simple and magical experiences for audiences of all ages. We run events and workshops based around play for all ages and for all communities. We like surprises, we like to make people smile, we like to make people happy and we like to bring people together. We believe that play can help us transcend difference and contribute to making a better world. For more information about bookings, including availability, rates and what else we can offer please get in touch!