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Thomas Hatherley

I have been acting professionally since 2008, initially with a company that specialised in murder mystery evenings and team building. Since moving to Bristol two years ago I have worked on a number of stage productions with local companies, including a taking a play to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year. I have also work in both film and television as a supporting artist. I have experience in stage fighting, fencing both foil and sabre, horse riding and archery.

 I have been acting with local and amateur groups since I was nine years old and my education has been geared towards perusing a career in the profession. I have always been interested in various mask performance traditions, especially Commedia Dell'arte. As well as performing and reading plays I also enjoy being in the audience, particularly local independent/fringe theatre.

 Aside from acting, my interests include: reading books of various genres; watching films both at home and at the cinema; writing; sketching; and photography. I also have a interest in history, both local and further afield.