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Thrice Three Muses

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42 Terry House, Park Row, Bristol
South West
theate, drama, musical, training, writing

Thrice Three Muses are a Bristol theatre company, we work predominantly with local actors. Our company preference is to work with new writing, or new twists on the classics.

To apply to work for us as a performer or crew member please email resume and headshot to Though we prefer to take on actors with experience, we are always open to audition someone with a good covering letter, a good face, and fewer credits. In addition, we run yearly work experience/internships providing university or (very good) college drama students the opportunity to work on us with our Edinburgh Fringe Festival show, for more information on these courses please email  

For more information on tickets and upcoming productions, email


Panning For Gold

An all female piece, set in a therapy room. The production ran at the Hen and Chicken and Bierkeller Theatres in Bristol, and for a month at Edinburgh Fringe 2012. We recieved great support from groups such as the Samaritans and NHS therapists to enable this project.

"In this marvellous performance, three stood-up brides are trying to come to grips with their experiences – and with the consequences they led to. After attempting suicide, they are committed to attending group therapy. Over the weeks, and with various techniques, the whole stories are brought to light, leading to partly hysterical outbreaks, despair as well as laughter and relief. The four actors manage to create a dense and believable atmosphere in a claustrophobic place, and have the possibility and the ability to impress, be it in role play, recreating Cleopatra’s death by Shakespeare, or simply by pointing out how important and positive counselling can be."

* * * *

Three Weeks


"‘Panning for Gold’ comes from a young writer of extraordinary maturity (Jasmine Smart) who also plays one of the three girls (Ada). The writing is naturalistic but never over done and Smart gradually reveals the deeper stories of the three until we reach the source of the title in the final scene...

The performances of all four actors are strong and build well towards their final resolutions. There is humour and they support each other, there are also moments of incredible power – Robyn (Anna Gillingham-Sutton) challenging Shari (Charlee Lauren) held a raw anger that was breathtaking.  Penny Lamport as Juno creates a very believable group leader; friendly, warm, a little motherly even but always able to step in to diffuse or to be firm... Overall, it is well written, well directed and well performed; a piece of drama that only gradually reveals its depth and range..."

* * * *

Fringe Review


"Panning For Gold is a serious feminist four hander, performed in the round (to great effect). June Trask's direction transforms the girls into three jilted brides recovering from depression, and one cheery counsellor (Juno - played expertly by Penny Lamport)- who makes mistakes, but wins our heart by always admitting to them.

In this group therapy play, all the women have problems - which they overcome by befriending each other, and working through some acting exercises... And it works. From the (very!) young mother (Ada - played beautifully by writer Jasmine Smart), to the anguished Robyn (Anna Gillingham-Sutton)left by her girlfriend on the day of her civil partnership, through to the childish Shari - each woman shows a growth, and a strength of character masked by fragility. 

At the spine-tingling climax, the girls' secret connection is revealed - and there isn't a dry eye in the house."

* * * * *

Missing Lesbians


Romeo and Juliet

A lesbian retelling of Shakespeare's classic Romeo and Juliet. The production ran at the Bierkeller Theatre in February 2012.

What an exciting evening!

First, a word about the venue: the Bierkeller is a new theatre space for Bristol and I entered with curiosity. There was a friendly greeting at the box office and the smell of incense wafted me up the grand staircase. At the top of the stairs was the bar and seating area, decked out with gothic grungy benches in an open V formation, magnificent iron chandelier and a splash of colour from the very much needed blood red cushions. I liked it instantly.

The Thrice Three Muses production set Shakespeare's tragic love story against a blank, minimalist canvas and in the modern world. No flashy scenery or elaborate costumes to detract from the intensity of the passion and inevitable, blood-soaked climax could have made for a bleak interpretation but the company played up the comedic elements of the play to good effect and allowed us some relief.

Presenting Romeo and Juliet as a gay couple worked well enough-after all love is love, no matter what gender the lovers-and Jasmine Smart and Maia Ayling were perfectly cast in the title roles. Jasmine Smart brought passion and longing to her every word whilst keeping her street-smart, feisty persona and Maia Ayling played the girl on the verge of womanhood with a splash of brattishness, perfectly pitched as young teens in their grand passion.

Stand out performances for me were Janet Adams- her Nurse a cross between Nursey from Blackadder and Mrs Doyle from Father Ted-and Tom Hatherley as Friar Lawrence, bringing maturity and the gift of underplaying... Tom Hunt's menacing arrogance as Tybalt was spot on, with superb body language.

Overall I loved Ben Hughes-Games' direction. The cast made excellent use of the space and involved the audience appropriately, the nods to the gay community were not statement makingly political but sympathetic and fun and the feel of the play was rounded and complete. The lighthearted beginning contrasted beautifully with the tension and darkness of the end and I took away a feeling of renewed love for the classic tale.

 Lennox Cole

Julius Caesar

A gender twisting re-imagination of Shakespeare's classic Julius Caesar - set in the mythical Amazonian tribes. When the god-like Caesar is offered the crown of Rome, the warlike women of the state turn on their leader - in a bold move which results in civil war. Gritty, political drama with a fantastical twist. The production opened in Stratford-upon-Avon in July 2011, then spent a two week run at the Bristol Shakespeare Festival, and a further fortnight at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Our promotional trailer for Julius Caesar (as featured on the Guardian website) is available to watch at:


"A brilliant version of an often overlooked play! The gender reversal work wonders... bringing new bitchiness and a new driving energy...Leanne Everitt’s Brutus was a thoughtful and strong cornerstone to the production...carrying off well the dignity that so many male actors have missed... Jasmine Smart’s Antony was...laughing at black jokes, shouting at the heavens, and using her passion, and heart to move the people – and us (though without losing any of the rhetoric genius in the famous oration)."

* * * * (Stephen French, What's Hot in Bristol)

"A fiery production...excellent characterisations... this is a creative and thoughtful take on the fall of Julius Caesar.
* * * * (Fourth Wall Magazine) 8/10 (Western Daily Press)

 "A constantly believable, and at times wrenching performance... A fantastic, extremely entertaining show...
(Nigel Preston, Ents 24)

Featured in: 
- ScotsGay's 'Top 30 Theatre Productions at the Fringe 2011' (no. 10).
- Ten Lifestyle's 'Summer of Shakespeare' (Shakespeare at the Fringe)
- Fest Magazine's 'Fest Best: Shakespeare's Alive'

Whores Aboard

‘Whores Aboard’ – an anti-prostitution piece - toured Bristol, Bath and Edinburgh Fringe from July-October 2010. This was a 5 person tragedy, set aboard the pirate ship ‘The Marauder’. The promotional trailers for 'Whores Aboard' is available to watch online at :

"Cracking show, not what i was expecting - but super all the same. The mistress of the brothel had me in stitches then tears, her stooge (Rosanna) was an equally skilled performer - both women showing the perils of unrequited love, with well directed natural, and extremely touching performances."

* * * * *



Frankenstein: the Pantomime

Our first production, ‘Frankenstein the Pantomime’ went up in January 2010 at the Alma Tavern, Bristol. It had good audiences, and was well recieved by the local press.

"Frankenstein: The Pantomime is panto as you've never seen it before. Writer/director Jasmine Smart, as Frankenstein, made a nimble, engaging lead boy..."
(Bristol 24-7)

"Everyone, from the two adorable vampires in the chorus, to the camp and thoroughly entertaining 'Frankenstein' put their all in to this show, and it certainly paid off. The strongest ensemble cast I've seen at this level of theatre [...] this show is not to be missed."
(9/10, Bristol Crackerjack)


Cabaret Freaks

In addition to our standard theatrical productions, we run a Cabaret group, Cabaret Freaks - specialising in musical theatre performance. To book Cabaret Freaks, or for more information, email

Cabaret Freaks - Press

"An awesome Hallowe'en experience! All four acts were superb, and the (brand new) Cabaret Freaks really sold the show. Opening with a stonking rendition of Tim Burton's 'This Is Hallowe'en', running into a sexy song from two whores, and ending the set with 'Science Fiction' (perfectly characterised)… And possibly the best rendition of Minelli's 'Cabaret' I've ever seen from the lead singer!"

* * * *
Jane Price, What's Hot in Bristol


"In hot red wigs, platform boots, and purple mini-dresses - the girls knew how to put on a show... The real kick in the teeth came in the form of song two - Jekyll and Hyde's 'Bring on the Men' - the two ladies owned the stage, belted, entertained, and joked their way through... Highlights of the sets included: Little Shop's "Dentist" - with the sexy schoolgirl backing, the theme from "Cabaret" (including some classy heckling of the unfortunate latecomers), Rocky Horror's "Tou-tou-touch Me" - more more more! Special mention, though, for the impeccable Barry Bostwick send up by one of the girls (Sweet Transvestite). Comic genius... a good night's entertainment!"
* * * *

"...A hilarious, if not slightly explicit, rendition of "Be a Dentist". The last song - "Murder, Murder" brings us back to the theme of Halloween and enforces the notion that, whilst each member of the Cabaret Freaks is individually talented, they are strongest when harmonizing effortlessly with each other. There is no doubt that The Cabaret Freaks know how to entertain a crowd..."
Vicky Sheldon, Bristol Theatre Review



Key Projects

Frankenstein: the Pantomime

Bristol theatre group Thrice Three Muses’ ambitious musical panto ticks all the boxes for fans of the seasonal genre. There are also the usual ingredients of audience participation, some slapstick farce and a series of truly terrible jokes (“Not ratatouille again… the cat will have nothing left to eat…”) But despite these traditional elements, Frankenstein: The Pantomime is panto as you’ve never seen it before. Writer/director Jasmine Smart (who, as Frankenstein, made a nimble, engaging lead boy) based her show on the classic characters of Victorian horror fiction but also wove a succession of pop hits of the last 20 years throughout the play. [...] Highlights included Jack Skinner who gave a beautifully understated, dotty performance as Dr Frankenstein; George Rigden who was very entertaining as Count Dracula (his maniacal laugh was almost as impressive as his tight trousers) and Alex Ranahan who dominated the stage as the over-the-top, flirty Dame Dimmer. (By Susie Weldon for

Whores Aboard

Without a doubt, the best Pirate Play EVER. Pure unadulterated theatre, touring this summer to Bristol, the Mighty Edinburgh Fringe, and hopefully onwards from there! Captain Gordon guides us through the least rose-tinted view of life on a pirate ship ever to hit the stage - and what happens when women get in the way? Set aboard the pirate ship ‘The Marauder’, this piece explores all sides of the human psyche, via a rough ride of deception and jealousy.

Key Personnel

Jasmine Smart
Artistic Director
Ben Hughes-Games
Associate Director/ Musical Director
Ed Browning
Rebecca Haselhurst
Hannah-Marie Chidwick
Alice Cozza
June Trask
Janet Adams
Martin Whatley
Steve Leanaghan

Organisation Info

  • Turnover: Variable
  • Employees: Variable
  • Year Established: 2009