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Trevor Houghton

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Listed as: Costume/Set Design, Actor/Performer, Individual Artists

trevorbrycheiniog [at]


101 Philip Street, Bedminster
South West
puppeteer, puppet maker, paper theatre, live animation, bristol

Trevor is a puppeteer and puppet maker working mainly with Otherstory - a collective of puppeteers, artists and musicians.

Trevor was in the first intake for the ground breaking Curious School of Puppetry in 2016. See

He has experience of creating and performing in various puppetry media including live animation, shadow puppetry, paper theatre and large street puppets. He also has a background as a print-maker (primarily relief printing) and as a writer/storyteller/illustrator.

Recent major projects have included:

  • an Arts Council funded tour in 2016 with the table top paper theatre show - Escape was on Everyone's Mind - the Tale of Jack Sheppard.
  • a project to design and build large street puppets for environmental campaigning groups funded by the cosmetic company Lush.