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Vreni May

vreni may fuses clown, theatre and aerial skills to create acts and characters that people tend to remember for years. She has made herself a name as an innovative, original character performer - on the ground as well as in the air.

"A nutter on the trapeze" as some people say "Insane and slightly out of control..."  

vreni is an experienced circus teacher (6- 76yrs old students), with Static Trapeze being her expert skill.

Companies worked for/with: Desperate Men, Bureau Of Silly ideas (BOSi), Invisible Circus, Frenetic Engineering, Circii, Circus Ferrel, NoFit State Circus, The Circus Space, Generating Company, Act Funny, Institute for Crazy Dancing, Exponential Aerial Theatre, The Popcorn Club, Cirq'u and festivals, cabarets and agents.