What We Do and How We Do It

What we do

Our ambition is to make Bristol a brilliant place to make and experience exciting and affecting theatre. And when we say “theatre”, we mean it in its broadest terms: from circus to live art, from dance to script-based play, and everything in between.

We do this by:

Our ethos

  • When you share knowledge, everyone gets better
  • Be personal. It takes time, but it makes for the best relationship  
  • It is essential to hold a space for uncertainty and for imagining alternative possibilities.  
  • Be honest about subjectivity: subjectivity is valuable because it leads you to what you care most about.  
  • We must cultivate a diverse pool of decision-makers: so that there is more than one subjectivity at play.  
  • Good ideas come from unexpected places  
  • Be alive to inspiration  
  • The artists own the work  
  • Art makes the world a better place  
  • Be committed to the long term – on behalf of ourselves and those we work with

These ethos statements guide how we make decisions and do our work. They’re published in our current Business Plan.

How you can get involved

If you want to talk to us about any of the things we do, or anything that you would like to do with us, just get in touch.

We advertise all our Theatre Bristol jobs and open commission opportunities on theatrebristol.net and as widely as possible through other online listings.