About Theatre Bristol

Theatre Bristol illustration Dave Bain

Theatre Bristol is a laboratory combining collective action for the arts with open, generous, grassroots support. We help create the conditions to make great art with as wide and diverse a community as possible. 

Theatre Bristol designs and tests new ideas that we believe have the potential to make large-scale change, creating new collaborative initiatives inside and outside the sector that build on the trust, value and knowledge generated by our expert support service.

Find out who we are here or, click here to watch a short film about Theatre Bristol

To create the conditions for great art to happen, we start with the people who make it. We offer free support to anyone from any background working in live performance, helping them make brilliant, distinctive art & giving them the confidence & tools to build careers as artists*. Find out more about our artist support here

We work in lots of different ways, in partnership with many different people and organisations. As well as artist support we run events (networking, inspiration, action planning); host a user-generated website; research new ways of working and develop national and international exchange opportunities. Find out more about Theatre Bristol’s current projects here

We send out a weekly bulletin of theatre news, jobs and opportunities, sign up here.

We send out a mailout roughly twice a year with news about Theatre Bristol and what we’re up to. To join the Industry Newsletter, sign up here.

In August 2013 we published a booklet highlighting our activity and way of working which you can download below.

Download Theatre Bristol – Come and Play

In 2015, Theatre Bristol celebrated its 10th birthday and we had a special book commissioned to mark the occasion which you can view below. 

Theatre Bristol- Hey Hey We’re 10

Our Annual Reports can be found below

2017-18 Annual Report

2016-17 Annual Report (illustrated by Dave Bain)

2015-16 Annual Report

Our 2018-22 Business Plan can be read here

Theatre Bristol is an Arts Council England National Portfolio organisation and is supported by Bristol City Council’s Imagination Fund 2018-2020.

* Artists = writers, circus artists, puppeteers, dancers, live art artists, producers, directors, designers, technicians, funders, stage managers, musicians, composers, thinkers, administrators, bookkeepers, fundraisers, critics, enthusiasts, supporters… everyone who’s interested is welcome.