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‘I’m happy to report that  (I think) I’ve since secured a producer for the project, due in part to the inspiration and evidence that I gained at the conference.  I’d had the meeting in the diary but after the conference I was much more able to articulate the project’s relevance and value to her’ (Amy Rose, TB Agent)

At Theatre Bristol we want to shine a light on independent artists and producers who help lead and shape the future of the arts.

We know it can be hard for independents to attend conferences and events, and that industry gatherings are often only accessible to salaried staff. That’s why we offer help with tickets, travel or accommodation costs for ‘TB Agents’ – artists and producers who want to attend events to soak up new ideas, make contacts and represent the independent sector.

All we ask in return is that they find a way to share their experience and learning. This might be by live tweeting the event, writing a blog, making a podcast, or hosting a conversation.

Before they go we also let people know in case they’d like to get in touch with us to highlight things that might be of interest or concern, or with information about current projects relevant to the event. We then pass the message onto the Agent.

In 2016-17, our pilot year we offered 2 placements for people to attend IETM, and 9 ‘TB Agent’ opportunities for artists, primarily dancers, to attend events in the UK. In 2017-18 we plan to expand the initiative to offer 20 bursaries and to make the process more transparent.  Proposals will be assessed 4 times a year by a panel including at least one artist. The proposal dates align with those for the ACE/BC Artist International Development Fund, in case you want to apply for an international event.

Our next deadlines:
19th February 2018, 2pm. Applications received after this time cannot be considered for this round.

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Read about TB Agents in 2017-18

Read about TB Agents in 2016-17, our pilot year

If you need some inspiration, here are a few UK and European events and  festivals:

IETM Plenary, Porto, 26-29 April 2018: https://www.ietm.org/
For The Love Of It, Salford, 2nd – 4th March 2018: http://nasauk.org/projects/floi/floi-18/
Kunsten Festival, Brussels, 4-26 May 2018: http://www.kfda.be/en
Take Me Somewhere, Glasgow, May 2018: https://takemesomewhere.co.uk/#tmshome
WOW (Women of the World) Festival, London, 7-11 March 2018: https://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whats-on/festivals-series/women-of-the-world
Dublin Fringe Fest, Dublin, 8-28 September 2018: http://fringefest.com
Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork, 15-24 June 2018: http://www.corkmidsummer.com
Lift Festival, London, May onwards 2018: https://www.liftfestival.com/?spektrix_bounce=true
Manchester International Festival, Manchester, 4-21 July 2019: http://mif.co.uk
Dance Umbrella Festival, London, 11-28 October 2018: http://www.danceumbrella.co.uk/event/dance-umbrella-festival-2017/
Fira Tarrega, Barcelona, 6-9 September 2018: https://www.firatarrega.cat/sobre-nosaltres/en_index/
Vienna Festival, Vienna, 11 May-17 June 2018: http://www.festwochen.at/en/