Bring on the Theatre Bloggers

This week we’ll be talking about theatre blogs and taking a brief (and doubtless incomplete) tour of the theatre blogosphere in Bristol and beyond.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 5 years you’ve probably heard the term “blog” – if not then you might want to make a quick trip to Wikipedia before you read on.

Why should you care about blogs? It’s fair to say that a significant proportion of the blogs out there on the web are, frankly, rubbish. They’re often incredibly badly written, irrelevant to all but a tiny circle of friends or mostly likely of all have long ago been abandoned by their creator. Why then should you give reading blogs a whirl?

Blogs can give you access to news, information and opinions that you won’t find in print or broadcast media. Blogs are a conversational media – almost all blogs feature commenting, meaning you can add your thoughts, ask questions and engage with a blog’s author and other readers directly.

They tend to tell a story over time – you can follow the development of a project, story or group of people over an extended period of time.

Amongst all the drivel, there’s also some very high quality writing to be found out there. Theatre blogs in particular tend to be reasonably well written and insightful.

They’re free – it costs nothing but a little time to try a few out..

So with out further ado, bring on the blogs…

Bristol theatre blogs:

Despite some furious scouring of the web, we’ve only netted a select handful of Bristol theatrebloggers. In very approximate alphabetical order we have…

Action Hero

action hero blog

News and updates from Bristol experimental duo Action Hero.


Ed Rapley

Ed R Blog

Ed is a “performer with a love of live art, dance, performance, installation, cabaret and circus”. He is also a Skilled martial artist.

Tim Atack

Tim Atack Blog

The blog of writer/performer/composer and otherwise multi-talented chap Tim Atack.


residence blog

All things live and experimental in Bristol from the likes of Mr Rapley, Mr Austin, Action Hero and others.

Bristol Old Vic

Bristol Old Vic’s blog doesn’t seem to be updated hugely often, but is still the go-to place for all your BOV news.

If we’ve missed your or your company’s blog off this list then please accept our apologies and do let us know by adding a comment to this post…

Elsewhere in the UK:

The big guns…

Guardian Theatre Blog

Guardian Theatre blog

By far and away the leader of the UK mainstream media’s theatreblogging pack is The Guardian’s Theatre Blog.

The Stage Blogs

The Stage Blogs

Occupying a very respectable second place the Stage has taken to blogging pretty comprehensively.

Other (mostly london) theatre blogs:

Theatre Trip

Theatre Trip is an educational platform focused on spreading theatre-related information, sharing opportunities, and fostering connection between thespians on an international level.



Theatrevoice is the leading site for audio content about British theatre. It features journalists from across the UK press and practitioners from across the theatre industry and seeks to members of the public interact more directly with theatre makers and commentators.

On Stage Lighting


For all the lampies out there, On Stage Lighting brings you news and information about the technology, practices and education in the world of stage , theatre and event lighting.

British Theatre Guide Blog

The blog of the British Theatre Guide website offers thoughtful, though mostly London related news and views on theatre in general. and theatre funding in particular.

London Theatre Blog

London Theatre Blog

This slickly produced group authored publication explores theatre and the performing arts in London and beyond.


InterventTech covers the UK’s creative technology movement including live art and experimental performance.

Stacked Actors – Bradon Forest Theatre’s Blog

Jennifer, arts manager at Bradon Forest School, uses her blog to promote the school’s fully operational, professional theatre, communicate enthusiasm about the theatre’s projects and offer insight into the job of an arts and theatre manager.

Postcards from the Gods

Freelance journalist and theatre critic Andrew Haydon who is also often to be found on the Guardian TheatreBlog, blogs here with a mixture of reviews and high quality comment.

Review Blogs:

West End Whingers – London reviews and occasional theatre policy sniping

Interval Drinks – London Theatre, both West End and fringe

London Theatre Goer

View From The Stalls – Theatre Reviews from central Scotland

The Teenage Theatre Critic

Anna Waits – Theatre reviews from straight out of Doncaster…

Further afield:

Steppenwolf Theater

steppenwolf blog

Legendary Chicago-based international performing arts institution Steppenwolf has its own regular blog providing insight & comment on the US theatre scene.

Theatre Notes


Alison Croggon, Melbourne theatre reviewer for The Australian, offers incisive comment and reviews on theatre from the other side of the world.

If you’ve got a theatreblog of your own which isn’t listed here, or know of one that we’ve missed then let us know by emailing us, and we’ll add it to the list.