Bristol City Council’s proposed Cultural Investment Funding: Theatre Bristol response

Theatre Bristol is pleased to be recommended for ongoing funding from Bristol City Council through its new Cultural Investment Funding Programme from 2018.

The council’s commitment to culture, and understanding of its importance to Bristol’s communities and global reputation, are evident in its decisions to support an increased number of organisations through its new ‘Openness’ and ‘Imagination’ funding streams.

The financial challenges faced by the council mean difficult decisions have had to be made, including a significant reduction to cultural funding overall. In this context, Theatre Bristol will be receiving a reduction of 35% to our annual funding from Bristol City Council over the two years of our agreement.

These decisions will impact the whole sector, so it’s more important than ever that we continue to work closely with the council, Bristol’s brilliant cultural organisations and artists, and partners such as Arts Council England to ensure the arts continue to thrive in the city through collaboration and innovation. 

We are committed to ensuring more people can value, participate in and make a living from brilliant art.  This aligns closely with the ambitions of the Cultural Strategy, and will require us all to work together to develop new sources of investment for the arts and culture.  We remain dedicated to supporting artists and organisations in the creation of ambitious art that connects across the city and beyond, and exploring new ways we can all meet this shared vision for Bristol. 

For more information about Bristol City Council’s funding recommendations, click here