Bristol DIY Arts Network Appoints Vandna Mehta as Artist’s Champion & Co-Chair

Bristol DIY Arts Network is delighted to announce that Vandna Mehta will be joining the DIY Arts Committee as Artist’s Champion & Co-Chair.

This is a new role created to increase the representation of artists and independents across the DIY Arts Network and ensure that artists can influence decision-making across Bristol’s arts and culture sector.

Vandna currently develops and manages Diverse Artists Network for Tribe of Doris. She has extensive experience working with artists at a grassroots level and is passionate about community engagement through arts. She is also the founder of Vocalise magazine – a community magazine that was set up for the residents of Ashley Ward to share their stories and to amplify their voices.

Vandna will work alongside the existing committee, working group leads and members of the DIY Arts Network to encourage the development of effective working partnerships between network members, the Bristol cultural sector and key stakeholders, always championing the voice of the artist.

We are incredibly excited to welcome Vandna to the committee and hope you will join us in welcoming her at the DIY Arts open meeting from 10am – 1pm on Monday 21st October at The Station.

Vandna will be joining the existing committee who are; Carolyn Hassan (KWMC), Clare Reddington (Watershed), Eloise Tong (Theatre Bristol), Kathryn Chiswell Jones (Artspace Lifespace), Liz Harkman (Bristol Festivals), Nick Young (Creative Youth Network), Phil Walker (Bristol City Council), Sarah Robertson (Colston Hall) and Theresa Bergne (Independent Curator & Producer).


What is the DIY Arts Network?

The DIY Arts Network is open to anyone working in Bristol’s arts & culture sector. It exists to advocate for the sector and to discuss and inform policy, as well as forming working groups in response to specific issues and to develop shared activity.

If you’d like to find out more, please email [email protected] or sign up to our mailing list.

The DIY Arts Network is supported by Bristol City Council.