COVID-19 Impact Survey for Bristol-Based Freelancers and Self-Employed

The Arts and Events Team in Bristol City Council have created this survey to help them get the most up-to-date picture of how the current situation is impacting people, where any gaps are and the possible longer-term effects on the sector. This information will influence where to focus their support and advocacy. The responses will be compiled and shared with Bristol City Council’s Economic Development team, senior leaders, councillors, local MPs and local/national sector bodies.

Please complete this anonymous survey if you are a Bristol-based freelancer, self-employed or sole trader working in the arts and event sector(s). This includes individual artists, creative producers, performers, those involved in production and technical roles in arts and culture, festivals and events.

If you employ any freelancers, or were due to over the next few months, please pass this onto them as well.

If you find the online questionnaire hard to complete, please get in touch with the team at [email protected] and one of the team will be in touch to go through it with you over the phone.

COVID-19 Impact Survey for Bristol-based freelancers and self-employed will take approx. 15 minutes and is open until 7th May.