Down With This Sort Of Thing – Protest at Hamilton House

The team at Hamilton House are organising a protest on Wednesday 26th September. They got in touch to tell us why.
Down With This Sort Of Thing
We all know communities need space; to meet, party, make stuff, dance and have better ideas. 
Sometimes those spaces are temporary (and all the better for it). And sometimes those spaces hold their ground. 
Hamilton House has been a community space for 10 years. 
Over the last year, Hamilton House landlord’s Connolly and Callaghan (C+C), have used their power over tenants and Coexist (managers) to create a culture of destructive ambiguity. So understandably, people have left, slowly at first and then in their hundreds. A third of the building now stands empty, in anticipation of planning and development into flats. 
At the beginning of this month Coexist were told, they would not have their lease renewed in October. Interim management has been sought, who we are told will implement the 400% rent increase. 
We, the community have a right to reply. 
On Wednesday 26th we will protest, to encourage C+C to go back to the negotiating table with Coexist and the community, to think again. 
We are artists, we are dancers, puppeteers, theatre-makers, festival organisers, musicians, asylum seekers; we are charities, teachers, start-ups, poets, activists, music producers; we are big issue sellers.
Everyone is welcome. Just turn up 5.30pm outside Hamilton House. Orange is optional.

Written by an anonymous artist at Hamilton House.