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Being Stuck Sucks.

You’ve been slaving away on your latest project, but your struggling to translate the story to the page, stage or screen.

The emotions you want to convey so strongly are nowhere to be seen. You’re afraid it’s starting to lose that sense of authenticity.

You’re worried you’re going to lose the audience, that they won’t get it.

You’re struggling to draw it all to the best possible conclusion.

You feel something is missing but you’re too close to the work to know what it is.

You want clarity.

Ultimately, right now, what’s in your head is not what’s showing up.

Sounds familiar?

Being stuck sucks, it’s making you doubt yourself – you feel like you can’t do it, like you can’t make it work. That you don’t have the talent, or that (secretly) the idea was rubbish all along and who even cares about it anyway? You’re asking yourself “does it even matter”?

You’ve got this.

The good news is:

Your story absolutely matters. There is someone waiting to experience it, to be entertained, provoked, intrigued, to connect with your world, your vision, to see the world through that new perspective and in through that connection to feel.

Materialising that feeling and your artistic vision is possible.

Together we will make it happen.

“Kate’s coaching allowed me to break down the roots of my creative block, establish the crux of my initial excitement, and already start generating new ideas and approaches.”

James Cottle, Screenwriter and Playwright

Imagine being able to:
– Look at the finished work
– For it to be lived in, experienced, felt
– Being able to share it, monetise it, progress your career
– And start thinking about all those other projects you have waiting in the wings!

It’s time for your work to be in the world and have a life of its own.

It’s time for you to be prolific.

How it works
As you coach, I’ll help you:
– Uncover what’s not working
– Bridge the gap between your intentions and your raw material – whether that’s in your text or your rehearsal process
– Dig into how you can get the audience feeling exactly how you imagine
– Open up the ‘why’, and get you back to your original sense of purpose
– Generate a (not inconsiderable) list of actions and experiments to propel you forwards
– Together we will find exactly how to make it work and see your vision come to life

Why me?
I’m an experienced coach focused on working with writers and creators just like you to push through creative blocks and allow your vision to become fully materialised in your work.

I’ve been stuck in the edit suite for weeks, been in rehearsal at 1am and it’s still not right, been 50000 words deep in a draft with no idea of how to get it back on track.

And I’ve been there the moment is clicks – and it’s such a good feeling!

Coaching is a hugely powerful tool and I coach every. Single. Day.

I am here to help you untangle it all, to dive in and so you can figure out what’s blocking you, surface your vision and bring it brilliantly to life.

If you are ready to get un-stuck, then drop me an email to book an initial 30 minute consultation, free of charge, to see if 1 to 1 Work In Progress Coaching Session can help unlock your story.

“I got more out of the hour with Kate than weeks of solitary outlining” James Cottle, Screen writer and Playwright

Get in touch now for an initial consultation: katesmaxwell@gmail.com

Pricing: Face to Face coaching in central Bristol £75/hour, sessions usually last between 60-90 minutes. Phone or Skype options are also available!

Book here: katesmaxwell@gmail.com


“Kate helped me revisit the reasons I wanted to make the film in the first place: what it was about for me. She enabled me to articulate this verbally, so I could translate it visually.”

Ellie Rogers, Director


“Having struggled to get the wheels in motion on a long-standing idea, my one hour session with Kate was insightful and provided me with the confidence to take my concept in a direction I was legitimately passionate about.

Kate’s coaching allowed me to break down the roots of my creative block, establish the crux of my initial excitement, and already start generating new ideas and approaches.

She has a real skill for allowing the idea to become self-actualised, rather than simply responding in hollow positives, and her guidance will inevitably help me approach future ideas with more confidence.

I got more out of the hour with Kate than weeks of solitary outlining, and would wholeheartedly recommend her creative coaching.”

James Cottle, Script Writer & Playwright


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