Listed by: Clara Marullo
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Presented by The Actors' Workshop

If you already have a grounding in Commedia dell’Arte and would like to put your skills to the test, join us for a ‘play day’ with the characters. Just like the actors of this Renaissance form, the group will work from a simple scenario to create a 20 minute performance by the end of the day. During this intensive session, you will:

• Sharpen and refine your mask performance skills
• Rehearse speeches, songs, routines and comic devices, such as lazzi, burle
and concetti
• Develop stagecraft, considering pacing, timing and proxemics
• Extend your understanding of the style

Can you juggle, perform acrobatics, walk a tight rope, dance en pointe, play an instrument or perhaps, stage fight? Many commedia actors were multi-skilled, so if you have a special skill, please bring your instrument or tools! Whether or not you bear additional skills, everyone should be prepared to sing, dance and laugh – a lot! You will need a good practical knowledge of the commedia dell’arte stock characters to benefit fully from this masterclass. The day is entirely practical and fast paced requiring a good level of physical fitness and stamina and culminates in the performance of a play to which you are welcome to invite friends.

Cheryl Stapleton has been working with Commedia dell’Arte for over 20 years as a performer, director and teacher. She has taught and performed internationally and has been directing theatre productions and tours for 10 years.

Cheryl’s passion for Commedia dell’Arte was ignited at University when she spent several summers studying in France with John Rudlin, author of Commedia dell’Arte: An Actor’s Handbook. She then deepened her knowledge and further honed her performance skills in comedy, masks and physical theatre through training at École Philippe Gauliér. Cheryl has also trained in Commedia with Antonio Fava, Michael Chase and Olly Crick. Working with her own performance company, Kabosh, in the mid-90’s, Cheryl developed Commedia dell’Arte street theatre shows that played festivals in London, Edinburgh, France and Ireland.

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