A Play About Theresa May

Contact: Holly Newton (Email)

Presented by Street Urchin Theatre

This political clowning piece, heavily inspired by Dario-Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist, focuses not only on Theresa May but her Cabinet and other politicians of note.  Taking delight in their gaffs, misconducts, and views on Brexit, A Play About Theresa May pokes fun at the established order of society and aims to re-frame political discussions while making merry with the lunacy that is 2018.

Street Urchin Theatre devises politically-immediate pieces, influenced by theatrical tradition but never bound by it. In this piece they use the art of clowning to express a frustration with the obscure, confused political climate and to ask the audience to look again at politics, with fresh eyes and a lighter heart.

Street Urchin Theatre is a new UEA/Norwich company, aiming to create vibrant performance art, stage plays, and street shows. Our aim is to bring the joy and catharsis of theatre to the widest range of people – while maintaining a high political literacy.

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