A Very Smutty Christmas

Contact: Marcia D'Arc (Email)

Starring Marcia D'Arc

What’s that noise, children? Why, it’s drag-queen Marcia D’Arc’s Christmas alter-ego – Miss Slutty Claus – shimmying down the chimney to regale the world with her festive smut and sleaze! That might also answer the previous question of ‘what’s that smell?’
Yes, she’s bursting out of her neatly wrapped box again this year, to bring you her own show ‘A Very Smutty Christmas’. The show features self-penned versions of popular Christmas songs with smutty lyrics, live vocals and stage piano, as well as queer re-tellings of the Nativity and other Christmas stories. Plus an extra special guest appearance from Liza Minnelli – freshly fallen off the wagon.
So why not join Miss Slutty Claus for a journey to the seedier side of Christmas, where reindeer are for riding in more ways than one! She’s safely tucked away her lump of coal, and her fishnet stockings are hung with care! And remember – what happens in Lapland stays in Lapland!
Suitable for 18yrs+ audience.
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