EAT Company’s Week of Rep at the Alma Tavern- Burying your Brother in the Pavement

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Presented by EAT Company

EAT Company presents Burying your Brother in the Pavement by Jack Thorne.

Tom’s brother Luke is dead. This has upset a lot of people but it hasn’t upset Tom. Or, rather, it has upset him, but in ways he can’t explain and other people can’t understand. You see, Tom and Luke were never friends. In fact, Tom didn’t really like Luke at all.

So it’s an odd decision – to try and bury Luke in the pavement of the Tunstall Estate where he was killed. But to Tom, it sort of makes sense, in a stupid-weird kind of way. As he sleeps out on the pavement, he comes across planning officials, tramps, undertakers, police officers, sisters, mothers, estate agents, ghosts, pavement elephants, sky dragons and a strange lad called Tight who wants to sell him a Travelcard.

This production is part of E.A.T’s new repetoire season, which also includes A Girls Guide to Saving the World.

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The matinee on the 3rd July will include a 20 minute post-show discussion

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