Acting Made Easy by Dave Lovatt. An Online Masterclass for £14.99

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I have students signed up from all over the world, from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, The UAE, India, France, Italy, Ukraine, and the UK

The course will make your audition speeches stand out from the crowd.

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A quote from the incredible BAFTA nominee Stephen Graham (The Irishman, This is England.)

“Simply put; Dave knows how to make you a better actor, always has, always will.”

And another from Esther May Campbell. A BAFTA award-winning Director

“Dave has a real touch, he brings out the best in everyone by giving them real, practical tools for acting and understanding how drama works. He is a joy to be with and will give anyone interested the guidance, kindness, and tools they need”

What you will learn?

Students will learn the importance of breaking a speech down into units of action.

Students will learn how to find a Characters want and why that is so, so important.

Students will learn how using images in your speech will bring that text to life.

Students will learn the importance of memorizing lines correctly, so your speech is natural and organic not robotic.

Students will learn how to use the four techniques together to make their speech stand out from the crowd

There is approximately 40 minutes of video footage on this course, which doesn’t seem a lot but I have honed my technique and teaching so the lessons are quick and adaptable to any speech. And although there are only 40 minutes, it will take you between 5 to 14 hours study time to complete the course. To be honest the more hours you do the better the speech will be.

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Starts: Tue, 23rd Jun 2020
Ends: Thu, 23rd Jul 2020
Time: 19:00

Price: £14.99

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