After Dusk: An Improvised Twilight Zone

Contact: Luke Cox (Email)

Presented by Real Positive Poles

Real Positive Poles are have been making improv waves with their new show After Dusk: An improvised version of the cult 1960’s TV show The Twilight Zone. They’ve performed it in Edinburgh, London and even in the Crypt of St John. Now they’re bringing the first improv to The Lightship Theatre for an exciting taste of improvised theatre in the round.

You walk into a play but none of the actors have learned their lines, because there are none. This show hasn’t been written yet. A nightmare or a dream? Who’s to say? Up ahead there’s a sign. We take a turning through your imagination and arrive at your final destination: An improvised twist on The Twilight Zone.

Some of Bristol’s best improvisers create a brand new episode of the classic science fiction show which inspired Black Mirror. Suitable for all levels of nerdiness and Twilight Zone knowledge!
★★★★★ – Wriggle Bristol Customers
“highly talented improvisers” – Edfringe Review

With support from Scenes to an End, your favourite movie you’ve never seen!

Fantastical adventure, gritty crime or cyberpunk romance? All this and more is presented at the Scenes To An End film club, where an entirely improvised cult movie unfolds before your eyes. Told out of order, for one night only, watch our characters start in the middle of the action before exploring the ambition, passion, and heart-felt adventure, that brought them to the play’s climax.

Please note that tickets to this show will only be available in advance via wriggle (no on the door sales) and that the bar at the Lightship Theatre is cash only.

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