Another Taste of Physical Theatre

Contact: Dominique Fester (Email)

Dominique Fester Dominique Fester

Come and find out how to use your physicality to create engaging and compelling non-verbal performance with Physical Theatre teacher and performer Dominique Fester. The session will be a light and fun look at different ways we can bring physicality into the theatre.

Dominiques work is rooted in her belief that the language of the body and the visual impact it has should be given at least as much importance as text, or voice. Dominique is running a number of courses in the next few months.( and my Summer School These courses will give you a physical grounding in the methods she learned through her training at the school for Actor training in Paris.  (

This session you will you will be lovingly shaken out of your heads and into your bodies, and tempted with the sort of training you can expect on a longer course with Dominique.

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