Bobbing for Apples – The Halloween Show

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Presented by  Soul Cake Theatre

It’s Halloween. There will be weird.

Soul Cake Theatre bring you four tasty tales of love and revenge laced with dark humour and unpleasantness. If you like your theatre funny, unsettling, and a tad absurd, then this is for you. If you don’t, then God bless you.

‘Bobbing for Apples

Maria wants a new lover and she’ll try anything to find one – even bobbing for apples in a dark forest close to midnight. George looks on encouragingly – he knows a thing or two about apples. But even at Halloween, parlour games only get you so far. When you want a soulmate this badly, who knows what you’re capable of?

The Barmbrack Curse

It’s a harmless Irish tradition, the ‘barmbrack cake’. What you find in your slice determines your future. Carol has a ring – she’s happy. Tom has a red thread – he isn’t happy. He knows something terrible is going to happen to him. He just knows. Because he deserves it.

Soul Cakes

As far back as she can remember Emma has sung for the souls of the dead. Now she just wants to have fun. That’s why she is wearing a lovely stolen dress. That’s why she is in her lover’s flat. That’s why she wants to kiss him. In her dreams.

Cheesy Twist

It’s not quite a Halloween party but the guests seem dressed for it. Apart from Rose and Andy. As they wait for Dave to arrive they admire the hostess Penelope’s desire to move on from her failed relationship. She is right – it’s time to let bygones be bygones. It’s time to forgive and forget. It’s time for a cheesy twist.

Soul Cake Theatre emerged from a series of short plays launched onto an unsuspecting public in 2013. ‘The Conscious Uncoupling’, ‘Dummy’, ‘Achilles’ Paw’, all performed at the Alma, and Short Sharp Shows, a series of plays by new writers, performed at Zion Arts Centre, Bristol.

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