Call for Entries: Movement for Actors / Acting for Dancers

Listed by: IUGTE
Contact: Lisa Rich (Email)

Physical Theatre Workshop

Movement for Actors / Acting for Dancers
June 10 – 17, 2019
The international program aims at actors, dancers, performers from all over the world interested in mastering their acting, directing, performance making and movement skills.
The workshop is open to performers interested to expand and diversify their professional vocabulary, to instructors who work with actors, and performing arts practitioners interested to improve their understanding of practical and theoretical aspects of performance making in a modern context.
This course offers a special professional training in the field of acting, physical theatre, for actors and practice for directors.
Practical sessions are designed to enhance the skills of actor within and beyond the text-based acting incorporating physical aspects of the acting.
Training is based on Ostrenko Brothers method, internationally renowned method of performers’ and directors’ preparation for professional performance creation.
Students will deeply investigate Meyerhold’s “Biomechanics”, M.Chekhov’s “Psychological Gesture” and Stanislavsky’s “Physical Action”, with experienced professional practitioners, experts in performing arts pedagogy, directing and practice in multicultural groups and multidisciplinary projects – Ostrenko Brothers.
The working language is English.
of the past programmes!
To apply for participation, please fill in the online Application Form.
If you have questions about this program, please contact [email protected]
Participation fee is 850 EUR (early bird reduced fee) / 950 EUR.
The fee covers participation in all events of the program – practical training and discussions.
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