Caucasian Chalk Circle

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Written by Bertolt Brecht Directed by Jesse Jones. Designed by Robin Davis and Roisin Martindale

By Bertolt Brecht
Directed by Jesse Jones
Translated by Frank McGuinness

A city burns in the heat of civil war and Grusha, a young servant girl, must make a choice: save herself or sacrifice everything to rescue an abandoned child.

But when peace and order are finally restored, the Governor’s wife returns to claim her son. Echoing the Judgement of Solomon, the two women argue over possession of the child and it is left to Brecht’s great comic creation, the drunken judge Azdak, to determine who is the real mother of the forgotten child.

Calling upon the ancient tradition of the Chalk Circle, the unruly judge sets about resolving the dispute.

Brecht’s great moral masterpiece is one of his most popular plays, powerfully demonstrating his pioneering theatrical techniques.

This amateur production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle (tr. McGuinness) is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

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