Change the Seen

Listed by: Many Minds
Contact: Olivia Ware ()

We are trying to find our place in the world. We are navigating our way through challenges in lack of employment, housing and a complex and constantly changing set of bureaucratic systems. Like many other young people, we are dealing with the stress of family breakdowns, mental ill-health, feelings of failure, body image, negative stereotyping and the pressures of 24-hour social networking.

Sometimes we feel lost. Sometimes we feel powerless.

Do you want to help? We invite you to come and explore some of these issues with us, challenge stereotypes, bring new perspectives and be part of the change.

Change the Seen is a devised piece of forum theatre based on our stories. We are a group of young people aged 16 – 25 years in Bristol with experiences of homelessness and / or mental ill-health.

Forum theatre invites audiences to stop the performance and come up on stage to try out different approaches a character might take when dealing with oppression. It is a powerful way to open up discussions about how to change people’s lives.

The performance is a partnership between Bristol based mental health and performance charity, Many Minds, forum theatre experts, Cardboard Citizens, Wyldwood Arts and 1625 Independent People.

Funded by Bristol City Council, Quartet Community Foundation and People’s Health Trust.

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