Closer Each Day Company Double Bill at The BIT

Listed by: Annette Chown
Contact: Lindsey Garwood (Email)

Closer Each Day Company Closer Each Day Company

The creators of the world’s longest continuous narrative bring their unique brand of high stakes, hilarious, cult hilarity to the BIT.

For one night only, Closer Each Day Company presents a double bill of shows at The Bristol Improv Theatre! They’ve got a brand new show, Pilot Season along with storytelling from John Lomas and Lindsey Garwood in The Great American Storybook.

Pilot Season: The Improvised Next Big Thing

In a world of boxsets, catch-ups and digital content, the creators of Bristol’s cult comedy, ‘Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera’, present a new show that you can’t stream or download and that will never be repeated. You, the audience, are the TV executives about to watch the first screening of a pilot episode of a new series (the direction of which will be decided by you in the opening moments). In this show there is no Pause, Rewind or Record: there is only Play. There could be love, lust, fear, despair, mild annoyance – anything can happen! Bristol’s hottest theatre talent melts minds and captures hearts with their brilliant, truthful and dynamic improvisation; join them as they bring their signature mix of high stakes drama and hilarious comedy to this one-off show that you need to watch!

The Great American Storybook

Skilled storytellers, John Lomas and Lindsey Garwood, make America great again, in a way Trump can only dream of as they weave a story of love and wonder, creating a brilliant, funny and touching tale.

Tickets are just £7 so, whether you’re looking for a great night or a date night head to The Bristol Improv Theatre and join us for this one-off, double bill of delights!

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