Come Fly with Fred

Contact: Holly Newton (Email)

Presented by  Away with the Clowns

Spend the day with Fred and his friend the pigeon.  He’ll show you a side of the city you’ve never seen before – the dark side.

See, Fred’s homeless and while he’s doing his best to get along and stay alive every day is a struggle, especially at this time of year.

Away with the Clowns new one-man show targets the subject of homelessness. Interactions and conversations with the growing numbers of homeless people across the country were the motivation behind the show – and the aim is to spread awareness and encourage empathy for those in dire straits. Homelessness is an on-going and worsening issue that is regularly addressed with negativity by the general public – Away with the Clowns hope to change the narrative and general opinion of homelessness so that people can find compassion for those struggling like Fred.


“And that’s what is so great about this show, how truthful it is.” – Fringe Review

A very honest and raw performance. I am still thinking about it.” – The Collective

“effective, funny, sad, and so very poigent.” – Concept Theatre

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