Commedia dell’Arte Workshop led by Unravelled Commedia Company

Listed by: John Mead
Contact: John Mead (Email)

 Unravelled Commedia Company

This is a two day workshop about Commedia dell’Arte performance – possibly the most complex and demanding of all theatrical performance traditions. Think improvised comedy meets ballet meets soap opera meets costume drama and all in half masks.

No one is completely certain how this looked three or four hundred years ago but we aim to embrace the historical traditions – – fixed social hierarchies, stylised movement, gesture language etc. – and still make it very high energy and surprising and funny. Commedia shouldn’t look like modern theatre and it shouldn’t look like pantomime; it should have its own strange, half familiar quality, somewhere between a court dance and a carnival. Above all, it shouldn’t feel too safe – for performers or audience.

We will try to cover stock characters, mask technique, improvisation from a scenario, movement and choreography as well as some renaissance dance and music. It’s a lot to do in one weekend but it should be exciting for everyone.

You can contact John Mead for more information on 07876 706976 or email [email protected]

Our company performs Commedia dell’Arte in small venues around Bristol and further afield. If you enjoy the workshop you could be in our next show.

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