ContaKids session Bristol

Contact: Agnieszka Agni Grenckowska (Email)

 Zosia Jo

Contakids is a methodology based on the idea that using physical contact and play can help develop a deeper form of communication between parents and children: children can enhance their motor skills and self-confidence, while parents get to develop a bond of trust with their young. We will begin with a 1 hour ContaKids session and then move into a facilitated jam (1hour).

What to expect in the session?

ContaKids is a participatory class, where there is one to one parent and child work and group situation work, and where physical contact is a basis for movement. A fair amount of cardiovascular physical movement will be balanced with soft release work. One will need to be comfortable with being on the floor (rolling for example) as we will work on different levels of orientation in the space and aim to meet our child’s level as much as possible. Soft mats will be provided. Useful snippet form such class in the link below.

About the teacher
Zosia Jo is a Cardiff based dance artist with 10 years experience facilitating in community settings and especially with children and young people. With her company, Joon Dance, she runs an annual summer school at Torch Theatre, Milford Haven and often makes performance work with and for young audiences. Zosia has practiced Contact Improvisation for some time and recently completed the official Contakids training with Itay Yatuv to bring together these different elements of her work.

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