Demostage #3

Listed by: MAYK
Contact: Matthew and Kate (Email)

Demostage is MAYK’s informal, temporary space where we invite those working on creative projects to share their ideas. After two fruitful events in 2017, it returns once more. Demostage is open to people who make all kinds of creative projects (be it theatre, music, games, sound, or beyond) – we want to encourage discussion, collaboration, and critical discourse.

Presenters get 5 minutes to discuss what they’ve been working on and then audience members ask questions and give feedback. Inspired by software developers who meet up, chat and demo the programs they’re working on, it’s not a scratch night – it’s an informal event in a bar (this time, To the Moon in Old Market) – to share ideas, concepts and plans.

To submit an idea visit . Submissions open until 12th January.

Visit our website for more information. We hope to see you there.

Everyone welcome.

Demostage is a concept created by Dustin Harvey’s Secret Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dustin very kindly open-sourced the idea for us and we debuted Demostage Bristol at Mayfest 2016. You can find out more about Secret Theatre here.

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