Demostage #4 April 2018

Listed by: MAYK

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Demostage is back. Do you have a creative project on your mind? Join us and share your idea in a relaxed and friendly environment. Demostage is not a scratch night, but an informal event designed to stimulate discussion and collaboration. All types of creative projects are welcome – theatre, music, games, sound, you name it! If you would like to present an idea, visit HERE and fill in our submission form.


The event goes like this: Presenters have 5 minutes to share their ideas and projects, followed by questions and comments from our audience. There’ll also be plenty of time at the end to chat and discuss ideas and projects in more detail.

Demostage will be hosted at ‘To The Moon’, BS2 0JT from 4pm – 6pm on Thursday 12th April 2018.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected]

Demostage is a concept created by Dustin Harvey’s Secret Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dustin has very kindly open-sourced the idea for us. You can find out more about Secret Theatre here:

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