Dirty Picnic Club

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Part improv performance, part hidden camera show, part social experiment.


Dirty Picnic Club invites the audience in on the secrets of an immersive, form breaking new concept night from Lucy Fennell, the director of “Is it improvised, does it matter?”

Improvisers are used to being unprepared, it’s kind of what they do… but this night seeks to disorientate, unbalance and challenge players using secret schemes and daring provocations- and you the audience are in on it all.

With a regular cast of seasoned improviser/theatre makers including Caitlin Campbell (Degrees of Error), Imogen Palmer (The Delight Collective), John Gallagher Portrero (Bristol Longform Comedy), Alison Cowling (Riddlestick Theatre) and Sam Hall (Steamed – A Dickensian Improvised Christmas Tale), as well as new guests each show including performers from Whose Line, Austentatious and Impromptu Shakespeare.

Once you’ve bought your ticket, the audience’s secret suggestion task will be sent to you by email and must be kept a secret until the night of the show.

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