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Mary Steadman Mary Steadman

DWELLING…the past has a way of using us to repeat itself.

DWELLING is part of an investigation into Hauntology and intermedial performance. The event will involve a short presentation of the research followed by the performance installation.

The project was initiated by filming over a period of three days at Poltimore House, a wonderful derelict mansion in Devon.
The performance installation has been constructed through filming improvised movement theatre scores in the rooms of the house. These have been edited into five short films, each one explores the story of the rooms that we had access to. These are told through film, live performance, and song.

The project was inspired by ruins, and investigates how spectral histories insist, disjointing time to create a spectral logic in performance. Thus, the present is ghosted by layers of individual and cultural pasts. These stories are fragmented and repeat without end, unfinished narratives that are continually reworked.

You can contact me for more information m.steadman@bathspa.ac.uk
Go to: www.marysteadman.co.uk
or: https://arnosvale.org.uk/theatre-and-m

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