EAT Company’s Week of Rep at the Alma Tavern- A Girls Guide to Saving the World.

Contact: Faye Elvin- EAT Company (Email)

Presented by  EAT Company

EAT Company presents A Girls Guide to Saving the World by Elinor Cooke.

A frank and funny new play about friendship, feminism and what it means to be successful.

Jane and Bella are best friends. They’re starting a revolution. But they’re falling out of step.

Toby dreams of babies, buggies, and home improvement. But he can’t even father his cat.

And that boy keeps telling Jane to take what she wants. But what is that, exactly?

Three thirty-somethings attempt to make sense of their own uncertain worlds. Even if it means losing sight of each other in the process.

This production is part of E.A.T’s new repetoire season, which also includes Burying Your Brother in the Pavement.

The performance on the 3rd July will include a 20 minute post-show discussion

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