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Written by Alice Nicholas

Contains adult themes and strong language. Recommended age 12+

“This ain’t your usual kinda story. It’s a story about us. Me and Kali…and…and it starts here. This moment. With you and me and them and her and him and they and us. Right on the brink of a humongous event of earth shattering proportion.”

Kali and Leah have grown up together, they know one another inside and out…or so they thought. As the solar eclipse approaches, so too does their urgency to explore who they are and how to make the pieces fit. Inspired by conversations on gender and identity with young people we work with, and written by Bristol playwright Alice Nicholas, this is an authentic, moving and witty play about the challenging, beautiful and inspiring world of being young and figuring out who you want to be. With live music and dance, Eclipse is a powerful and thought provoking visual tapestry of the intimate internal space we all inhabit.


Written by Alice Nicholas

Directed by Stephanie Kempson

Movement by Joel Daniel

Designed by Ali McDowall

Sound by Alex Lupo

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