Embodied confidence

Contact: Astrid Schroeder (Email)

Introductory immersion to conscious embodiment & deepening somatic awareness

7 & 8 December 2019

10:00 17:00

10:00 16:30

Exact venue to be confirmed

£120 / £95 / £75

​Booking required


Confidence in something arises when we are very familiar with the ‘something’ to the point that we utterly trust it, intimately know it and know that we can depend on it.

​In the modern world, most of us no longer know our body (or soma*) as a part of ourselves that inspires confidence, has wisdom and knowledge, or as the flesh and bone that constitutes the very ground of our being.

​This can give rise to feeling disconnected from self, life, meaning and purpose, which in turn can also give rise to more challenging mental states such as low confidence, anxiety, panic or depression.

​Rediscovering, deepening and nourishing our connection with our soma enables us to navigate our lives more intelligently and authentically. It fosters integrity, facilitates meaningful self-leadership and increases confidence in the soma itself and its deeper wisdom.

​If we only operate from our head, we miss out on this.

​​​(* Soma – a word derived from the Greek, which defines the body as a functional, living whole rather than as a mechanical structure. Somatics does not see a split between the mind and body but views the soma as a unified expression of all that we think, feel, perceive and express – an expression of all of our physical, emotional and imaginative processes.)

The weekend

This weekend immersion is designed to enable you to start developing a fuller sense of, familiarity with and confidence in the body as the ground of your being and a resource, support and place of knowing that is always there to draw on.

​The weekend will be structured, fully experiential, suitable for everyone and anyone, and interweaves movement, improvisation and creative expression practices drawn from various approaches to body-mind integration, mindfulness and somatic movement education. It is held in a very safe, inclusive and supportive space.


The weekend aims to

  • Be fun and enjoyable

  • Be deeply nourishing on a physical, emotional and psychological level

  • Foster the capacity for deep relaxation and reducing tension

  • Foster connection and the development of trust and confidence in our body and our capacity for meeting day-to-day challenges from a place of greater resource, which, in turn, can

  • Give rise to ripple effects that positively affect psychological and physical health and well-being as well as our relationships with self and others

  • Reduce stress and tension

  • Help with difficult mental states such as anxiety and depression

  • Build resilience

​For more info, please visit www.open-space.co.uk

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