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Presented by  Enigma Theatre Company

After the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1942, over 10,000 women with outstanding skill sets were recruited to work for the American government. This enabled them to use their degrees in ways they never thought were possible.

Due to a vow of discretion, these women were nearly written out of history.

Based on historical fact, Enigma follows the lives of seven outstanding women throughout the highs and lows of their careers, and recognises how their efforts were a vital attribute to the end of WW2.

Enigma Theatre Company originally formed in 2018, and is a group of international women who met at the University Centre Weston before graduating last year. Enigma Theatre Company have written, devised, orchestrated and created the original show ENIGMA.

Being an all-female cast, Enigma Theatre Company aims to re-tell stories with women at their centre. For their first production, they have chosen to focus on the untold story of female code breakers in America during WW2.

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