Erasmus+ dissemination workshops based around the CIRCE partnership, funded by the European Unio

Contact: Rada Manussen ()

Where: Invisible Circus HQ, Unit 15, Premier Business Park, St Philips, BS2 0RA

What is it: FREE circus workshops and a talk- you do not need to attend the whole day, please tell us what you are interested in attending.

Suitable for: people who teach/ have an interest in teaching circus skills.

2-3:30pm Kate Bevan and Araceli Cabreres will hold a workshop on clowning based
around the teaching methods they learnt whilst attending a workshop in
Thessaloniki, Greece, with our Erasmus+ CIRCE partner, Kids in Action.
Here are the rules:
1. You must love yourself and the people around you.
2. You must be humble, but trust everything you do.
3. You need to find your game, and wonder.
4. You cannot be put in a box.
5. Breathe in, and shine your light.
Approximately 15 spaces available. Please email if you
wish to attend.

3:45-4:15pm Helena Griffiths will present a talk based around her staff training
exchange in Prague: she will talk about bringing creativity and team work into a
class, how to avoid spoon-feeding tricks, tricks, tricks, and teaching specific
techniques to initiate students in discovering new ideas. How to encourage students
to create their own material and not always rely on copying skills from Instagram etc
All welcome, please email if you wish to attend.

4:30-6pm Leo Ward and Dannick Chollet will hold a workshop focussed on
BALANCE, after attending a workshop in Berlin with our Erasmus+ CIRCE partner,
the Cabuwazi Youth Circus.
They will share some of the circus teaching skills, techniques and lesson plans they
learnt whilst there.
The workshop will be a mixture of lecture-based information and fun practical
lessons you will be able to join in with.
It will cover handstands, tight wire, rolla-bolla and walking globe (if we can find
some- if anyone interested in the workshop has one they would be happy to bring
along, please do let us know!), as well as different ways of warming up and
strengthening, games and devising an act with youth.

Approx 15 spaces available. Please email if you wish to

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