Listed by: Clara Marullo
Contact: Clara Marullo (Email)

Presented by The Actors' Workshop

This masterclass will transport you from reality to the dream-like – sometimes nightmarish – world of expressionist theatre, where characters are distorted and stylised; language becomes heightened, rhapsodic and rhythmic; narrative becomes disjointed and episodic reflecting the internal struggles of the characters. This physical theatre day will stretch and challenge you, covering all this and more:

• A range of physical and vocal techniques (from Lecoq, Brecht, Grotowski, Berkoff)
• The expressionist ‘mask’ – using body, face and voice to create exaggerated characterisation
• The chorus of heightened expression
• Grotesque human-animal work
• Soundscaping, vocal patterning and the physicalisation of language
• The actor-spectator dynamic

Extracts from Sophie Treadwell’s expressionist drama, Machinal, as well as Berkoff’s plays, such as Metamorphosis will be examined practically. Handouts will be provided to accompany the masterclass. Ideal CPD for teachers and directors or intensive physical training for actors wishing to extend their expressive capacity.

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