Fairytales for Grown-ups: I KNOW NOT – A NIGHT OF SUFI STORIES by Chirine El Ansary

Contact: Kate Nrgate (Email)

Performed storytelling by Chirine El Ansary

Why do dervishes whirl? Why is the mule so fond of the camel? And is she really going out with him? Some questions have been asked forever, and most are asking something else entirely….

In a performance laced with subversion, rebellion, comedy, poetry, and philosophy, the fabulous Egyptian performer, Chirine El Ansary, takes an unexpected journey into the bizarre and beautiful Sufi realm.

Simultaneously ancient and contemporary, this is a night of mystics, forgotten faiths, fairytales and inklings. Join us as we take the lights down low and journey to the other side of the mirror…

‘Captivating, enchanting, a joy to witness’ EVERYTHING THEATRE

‘like all good storytellers, she lives between reality and the world of the story’ CAIRO TIMES

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