Fairytales for Grown-ups: NEWS OF THE STRANGE, by Daniel Morden

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Performance Storytelling by Daniel Morden

A gold ring teeters on the edge of a drain

A parrot babysits a stroppy teenager

A blacksmith batters himself with his hammer.

And sometimes we all ask ‘How did we get here?!’

Shot through with powerful, comedic & mysterious images, Daniel Morden delves deep into lesser-known stories from the Arab world – some moving, some shocking, some bizarre…. all of them strange. Join us for an epic cinema of the imagination!

 ‘To experience Daniel Morden in full flight is an amazing thing’ IAN MACMILLAN

 DANIEL MORDEN: No stranger to Crick Crack Club audiences, Daniel is one of the UK’s most popular storytellers. He has the timing of a comedian and the insight of a poet.

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