Fat Blokes

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by Scottee

Presented as part of our IGNiTE programme of world-class, innovative theatre and dance

Fat Blokes uncovers why fat men are never sexy but are always funny, always the ‘before’ but never the ‘after’ shot. Made in collaboration with Lea Anderson and four fat blokes who’ve never done this sort of thing before. Prepare yourself for a show about pent up aggression, riot grrrl and the hokey cokey.

This is fat rebellion.

“This show isn’t about force-feeding people pork pies and telling them to be fat. I’m asking whether people think the level of abuse and violence that my body and the fat bodies go through on a daily basis is acceptable.” Scottee

About Scottee

Scottee is an artist and writer, working across theatre, fine art and installation. His work is brash, political and will often purposefully leave you a bit annoyed, overwhelmed but never impartial.

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