Free Falling

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By Hagit Yakira Dance

Award-winning Hagit Yakira dance presents Free Falling, an open-hearted double bill of down-to-earth dance that’s sensual, striking and a beautiful respite from the hustle and bustle.

Based on a collection of stories gathered through years of working as a therapist, Hagit Yakira has created a powerful and atmospheric mixed bill that eloquently uncovers real life experiences about the common uncertainties we share.

The evening opens with Air Hunger, an emotive and breath-taking duet, exquisitely composed with unashamedly demanding choreography that leaves the dancers gasping for air. Inspired by the fear and anxiety of suffocation, the performers embody reactions, images and memories, leaving the audience immersed and breathless.

Completing the evening, Free Falling looks at the fear of falling, failing, and the ambition to recover. A captivating piece by four virtuoso performers taking audiences on a danced journey of trips, false starts, falls and lifts that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 


“It takes some skill and professionalism to pull off something like this, and choreographer Hagit Yakira has it in spades”

London Theatre 1 on Free Falling


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