Fundraising as an Individual

Listed by: Robin Peters
Contact: Robin Peters (Email)

Sooner or later, artists of all stripes need funding to make the work they want to make. Very often they lack the confidence and skills to find it.

This is the second in a series of six workshops presented in partnership with the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy programme to support early career and emerging artists in their fundraising.

Though there are plenty of funders out there, it can seem like they only fund ‘other people’. What is it that makes some projects, companies and ideas stand out from the crowd and how can fundraising be made both easier and more successful?

We will look at:

  • Identifying existing and potential supporters
  • Making the case, online, on flyers and down the pub
  • Prioritising time to fundraise and using it well
  • Legal structures and how they can help and hinder fundraising

This session will help participants find funds from the right sources and build good fundraising into their projects from the outset.

Whilst there is no strict personal specification, to get the most from the workshops participants should:

  • Have a project they are actively working on
  • Need funding to deliver the project
  • Be prepared to discuss the project and its budget
  • Have secured or be familiar with ACE Grants for the Arts / Project funding
  • Have created and delivered their own projects

Numbers are strictly limited.

Sessions are led by Robin, a professional fundraiser specialising in work with independent artists and small companies. It is the second in a series of six

  • 9 Oct: Introduction to Fundraising
  • 30 Oct: Fundraising as an Individual
  • 27 Nov: Making the Ask
  • 15 Jan: Grant-giving Trusts
  • 5 Feb: Individual Giving
  • 5 Mar: Corporate Fundraising
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